Piscinas Y Solar La Concha PVC Laminated Liners for Roofs and Pergolas

Lining your roof or pergola with our white Royal reflection material will give you a 100% leak free roof.  Our system, unlike many others, is incredibly strong due to heat-welded seams which create a watertight bond.  It's because of this remarkably strong bond that PVC deck seams do not need to rely on adhesives, tapes or caulks to seal, unlike other types of roofing systems.  Also Solar systems can be installed on top of the membrane.


  • Easily washed down.
  • A PVC roofing membrane can withstand both high and low alkaline conditions.
  • PVC roofing is not affected by exposure to bacteria, fungi or plant roots.
  • Roofs made from PVC are not damaged by animal fats from grease vents, making it the ideal solution for a restaurant roof.
  • The membranes of a PVC roofing material is very flexible which allows them to be modified to accommodate for different rooftops.
  • Most often a PVC roof can be installed directly over an existing roofing system, eliminating the need to tear off the old roof.

This system comes with a 10 year guarantee.

PVC Laminated Roof Linings
PVC Laminated Roof Linings
PVC Laminated Roof Linings PVC Laminated Roof Linings
PVC Laminated Roof Linings

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