Piscinas Y Solar La Concha Swimming Pool Maintenance and Cleaning

We only provide swimming pool maintenance in Lanzarote.

A swimming pool is an investment.  And like any investment, you want to keep it functioning for as long as possible.

If you don't have the time to keep it clean, it's important to hire a reliable pool cleaner who will do it for you, because swimming pool maintenance is important.

A swimming pool can be a breeding ground for algae, bugs, and small animals.  If you stop maintaining your pool you will quickly find that your pool has turned into a lagoon.  Once you've got that far it can be costly and time consuming to bring it back.

Another top reason to maintain your pool is for the longevity of the swimming pool itself.  If you let your maintenance slip, you could be cutting its life in half or even to one quarter of its expected lifespan.

Swimming Pool Maintenance and Cleaning

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