Piscinas Y Solar La Concha Swimming Pool Lining

Piscinas Y Solar La Concha SL are approved advanced Renolit Alkorplan installers for swimming pool reinforced membrane liners.  This means we can offer you a 15 year NO LEAK guarantee.

Renolit AlkorPlan Pool Liners

The liner system is suitable for new pools and for renovating old ones, as it can be installed in half the time it takes to install other systems, on any type of substrate and on any pre-existing material, and adapted to any pool vessel shape.

Renolit Alkorplan comes in different ranges

2000 Range

This range, which comes in a range of plain beautiful colours, comprises a 1.5mm thick reinforced membrane consisting of two flexible layers of polyvinyl chloride interleaved with a reinforcing polyester mesh coated with acrylic protection lacquer.  The Renolit lacquer affords outstanding protection against everyday wear and tear, UV rays, stains, scratches and biodegradation and the passage of time.

AlkorPlan 2000 Azul Adriático AlkorPlan 2000 Verde Caribe AlkorPlan 2000 Gris Claro AlkorPlan 2000 Blanco AlkorPlan 2000 Arena AlkorPlan 2000 Azul Claro AlkorPlan 2000 Gris Oscuro
Renolit AlkorPlan 2000 Pool Liners

Alkorplan Touch Range

Reinforced printed membrane with 3D relief that simulates rustic stone in the pool, creating a natural environment with crystal clear water and emerald green flashes and the feeling of swimming in pure water from a natural spring.  AUTHENTIC is protected by a special multilayer lacquer that maintains a brand-new appearance.

AlkorPlan Touch Relax AlkorPlan Touch Elegance AlkorPlan Touch Authentic AlkorPlan Touch Prestige AlkorPlan Touch Sublime AlkorPlan Touch Vanity
Renolit AlkorPlan Touch Pool Liners

Renolit Alkorplan Ceramics

Reinforced membrane with the relief and appearance of ceramic mosaic inspired by Greek mythology.  Necessarily thicker than a traditional membrane in order to achieve the relief, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN CERAMICS is one of the most resistant, impermeable and lasting linings on the market.

Alkorplan Ceramics Sofia Alkorplan Ceramics Atenea Alkorplan Ceramics Etna Alkorplan Ceramics Selene

Looks like..., but it isn't!!  Say goodbye to crumbling grout and missing tiles!

Renolit AlkorPlan Ceramics Pool Liners

Download the Renolit Alkorplan Catalogue

We have sample of all materials in our showroom.

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